Zen Circle Therapies
Amatsu Japanese Medicine
Amatsu therapy was developed in Japan, with roots in Chinese and Tibetan medicine. It follows the principles of natural movement, and looks at patients in a holistic way to restore and maintain balance using a range of methods and techniques. These include methods such as massage (Anma), gentle manipulation of musculoskeletal, ligamentous and visceral structures (Sekkotsu),  needling
(Hari) or acupressure (Shiatsu) on specific points on the meridian energy system, cranio-sacral touch (Kenku), diet and herbs (Kanpo), physical exercises (Junan Taiso), breathing and energy control techniques (Kokyu-ho, Kikou).

We look at patients in a holistic way to restore balance ... Using a range of Eastern and Western techniques.

Make Improvements in your  ...

Sporting performance, Flexibility, Joint range of motion
Recovery from injuries, Circulation and Lymphatic flow
Realignment of injured tissue,
Relaxation, Wellbeing, Quality sleep, Immunity

Reduce or Eliminate ...

Pain, Muscle tension, Spasms
Fatigue, Stress and Anxiety
Injury healing time

A holistic complementary therapy based on the principle that there are areas and points on the feet and hands (reflexes) that correspond to all parts of the body. When these reflexes are manipulated, they produce an effect on the corresponding body part via the energetic system. Stimulating these points promotes health in the organs and glands, and can help restore homeostasis to all the  body systems. Reflexology is also known as Zone Therapy. This type of massage can be an effective way to alleviate stress, promote relaxation and improve sleep.
Sports Massage Therapy
This type of massage makes use of Deep Tissue techniques and can help maintain the body in better condition, prevent injuries, improve tissue elasticity, range of motion and increase sporting performance. It can also help rehabilitate injured soft tissue . It is a clinical treatment to address areas of structural imbalance, soft tissue injury or dysfunction. Your therapist will work with you to ensure that your treatment is both pleasant and beneficial. Specific techniques such as tissue stretches, neuro muscular technique and trigger point therapy may be employed depending on your partcular requirements.

Improve your Physiological, Psychological and Energetic levels.